RGB smart contracts

RGB smart contracts

RGB is a scalable & confidential smart contracts system for Bitcoin & lightning network.
RGB is a scalable & confidential smart contracts system for Bitcoin & lightning network. It embraces concepts of private & mutual ownership and is a "post-blockchain", Turing-complete form of trustless distributed computing which does not require introduction of tokens.
RGB is being developed by the LNP/BP Association. The development is lead by Maxim Orlovsky and re-shapes earlier prototypes and ideas by Giacomo Zucco and Peter Todd on client-side-validation and tokens into a full smart contract system.
To learn more about RGB please refer to the following resources:
Gives introduction into RGB from a power user perspective
Most broad
Whitepaper (called "blackpaper")
Systematically explains RGB, its capabilities and most important applications in half-technical terms
Most broad
Specification ("blueprint")
Technical explanation of all RGB internals, more readable than standards
Schema developers, integrators
Code docs
Documentation for the RGB-related APIs
RGB maintainers
LNP-BP Standards
Formal & complete standardization of RGB algorithms & consensus
Auditors, RGB maintainers
Yellow paper ("formalism")
Formal mathematical specification on RGB
Computer scientists, cryptographers
yellowpaper.rgb.tech (not published yet)
Documentation on AluVM - functional virtual machine used in RGB consensus, node and lightning
AluVM contributors, auditors, application developers using AluVM
Strict Encoding
Documentation on binary encoding used in RGB consensus
RGB schema (smart contract) developers; application developers using strict encoding
Contractum docs
Documentation on Contrctum languague
RGB schema (smart contract) developers
RGB source code
Source code for RGB consensus, standard lib and node
RGB contributors
NB: There is a fork of the RGB smart contracts by Lightning Labs, originally called CMYK and known under the brand of Taro. Please be warned that this fork was not audited by RGB team and represents a very limited and restricted functionality not allowing smart contracts but suited only for token issuance.
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